Faith Lutheran has been a member of the social justice ministry, BREAD for many years.   BREAD consists of over 50 diverse faith based organizations in the Columbus area which work collectively to improve living and working conditions for people in need. With the support of large numbers of people of faith, important strides have been made in the lives of people.

MISSION:  People of faith building power to “do justice.”

Vision for doing justice:
Most congregations are very good at pursuing the humble walk with God and they are often strong at demonstrating kindness.  but when it comes to doing justice, most of those same congregations fall significantly short.  One of the primary reasons for this short coming is that a single member, pastor or congregation does not have enough power to hold key decision makers accountable for protecting the weak from the strong.  BREAD provides a vehicle for congregations to practice justice by joining together large numbers of people.  These large numbers of people give us a change to “do justice.”  Since congregations gather weekly to remind themselves of their humble walk with God,  We challenge them to gather that same number of people once a year to take action and do “justice” at the Nehemiah action.  That event will take place on May 1 this year.




On Sunday, October 15, thirteen people participated in our congregation’s annual listening process for justice.  We joined 40 other congregations from across the city and over 1000 people as we talked about things that concern us in our communities.  The results of this conversation were brought to a meeting on October 23 by Herb Scholes, Janice Ritchey and Alice Appel .  Our stories and concerns were combined those expressed by people from all over and then on November 13 a new problem will be voted on by the assembly.

The past year the issue of out-of-school suspensions was addressed and great progress has bee made.  As a result of BREAD’s efforts, Dr. Goode, superintendent of Columbus Schools and several other important school officials, will be traveling to Pittsburgh in early November to learn how Pittsburgh has been able to improve things in their school district by using Restorative Justice Circles, a technique that is also being used in the community in regard to juvenile crime.

A further report will be given after the Annual Assembly on November 13.  Thanks to everyone who participated in the listening process.