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 Midweek Lenten Worship-6:30 PM, Wednesday, March 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, April 5

Christian Education: "The Holy Land-history and current issues", Sundays March 5, 12, 19, 26----9:00 AM.  Classes are led by Eddie Jones (LIC Trinity Seminary) and Pastor Eric

Wednesdays: 12:30 - 2  Kerygma Bible Study

Justice Ministry: Sunday, March 12 - 11:30 AM

Reflection on Scripture and prayer; updates on the issues  BREAD is addressing, and discussion about how our congregation can be involved in this important work. 



Worship Schedule

Worship Schedule 

Blood pressure screening is held following the 10:15 service the first Sunday of the month. 

Saturdays:  5:00PM

Sundays:    10:15AM    

SUNDAY SCHOOL: 9:00 - 10:00

Youth classes will meet in the lower level and adult classes are held in the blue room on the main level.

Colloboration Discussion Among Local Lutheran Churches

Faith Lutheran, Hope Lutheran, Groce of God Lutheran, Linden Lutheran and First English Lutheran churches continue to have discussions about future collaborative work.  Pastor Eri, Herb Scholes , and Dorrie Mayer have been representing Faith Lutheran for these discussions so far.  However, now Assistant to the Bishop, Re. Katie Kerrigan has asked that more member be involved.

In order to get more people involved she has asked that as many members of each congregation as possible read the book entitled, The New Parish, and that a large representation from each congregation gather for a retreat on Saturday, February 4 from 10 AM until 3 PM at Trinity Lutheran Seminary.

Pastor Eric has provided copies for the Council, and  has also invited a number of people in the congregation to consider participating in this important  activity.  It is hoped that at least 10 people will participate.  If for some reason you have not been invited, but are interested, please let Pastor
Eric or Tom Allen know.

The Colloboration Discussion Group met on Saturday, January 14 at First English Church.  The Parish Leadership Council of Faith Lutheran will discuss the first two chapters of the book on Thursday, January 19. 

Betty Brewer's Angels

 Last November I was honored to be part of the radio program "Journey Through Aging" where I give you some ideas on exactly how to give the best gift of all, the gift of you. Just click here to listen.   "Journey Through Aging" is a wonderful radio show in which the host, Joel Wrobbel covers a wide range of topics regarding aging.  The show airs every Saturday morning at 8 a.m. on WRFD 880AM. I encourage you to go to their web site to scroll through the list of topics they cover.  All the shows are online so if you miss a show when it airs, it is easy to just click on the one that most interests you.  You will be amazed at the variety of topics Joel covers.  Last Saturday one of the topics Joel presented was "10 Signs of Caregiver Stress". I know many of you are caregivers so this might be helpful for you.         

And oh yes, Betty Brewer's Angels newest blog posting is ready for you to read by clicking here  Betty Brewer's Angels

We have some exciting news on two new ways you can donate to Betty Brewer's Angels without opening your pocket books and a heartwarming story about how one of our volunteers changed the life of a resident she visits.  Hope you enjoy!  Peace, Cheryl 


Cheryl L. Newman

President, Betty Brewer's Angels--

A Letter from Bishop Eaton


I remember my home growing up. It was on the west side of Cleveland.

I still dream about it. It was a place where I felt safe, where my family was and it was full of wonderful Christmas memories. My senior year of college, my parents moved to the shores of Lake Erie. It’s every west sider’s dream in Cleveland to get to the lake, and they finally made it. But my home was gone. In fact, I had to find directions to my parents’ home for Christmas break.

I still dream about the home where I grew up. I still miss it and can still remember every feature of it. And I realize that all of us have a deep longing for home. At Christmastime, I think it’s especially poignant and deep for people. Many of our Christmas carols talk about being home for Christmas and how hard it is when we’re not.

Then I remembered that Mary and Joseph were not home for Christmas that first year. They were far from their home, far from their people. They were way down in Bethlehem, far from Nazareth. How disorienting that must have been for them.

But the truth is, Mary and Joseph were exactly at home for Christmas because with them was the Christ child. Jesus is our true home. That’s our hope at Christmastime and our hope the year round. We are never far from home because Christ is as near to us as our own breath or our own pulse. So, wherever you find yourself this year, dear church, remember that Jesus is with you, and you are home for Christmas.

The Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton

Presiding Bishop

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Merry Christmas

A Letter from Caroline Rankin, Diabetes Prevention

Pastor Eric,


Thank you so much for allowing me to come and speak with the Women's Club at your church, what a wonderful group of women.  We have confirmed a class for the church to begin on Monday January 23, 2017 at 10:30 am.  The class will meet weekly from 10:30 am to 11:30 am.  Below is the weekly, bi-weekly and monthly schedule that will take the class through the entire year.  Women at the meeting were interested but I also wanted to know how best to get additional information out to the members of the church and community?  I have attached a flyer and please let me know what else would be helpful.  Are you able to forward this flyer on and post on the Churches website?


Thank you again for your support and I look forward to working with you.  If anyone has questions on enrolling please have them contact me or Megan Goodson at 614-384-2304.




Weekly Sessions

Monday, 10:30 am to 11:30 am

Session 1 -  1/23/17

Session 16 - 5/8/17


Bi-weekly sessions

Session 17 - 5/22/17

Session 18 - 6/5/17

Session 19 - 6/19/17


Monthly sessions will then be held from July through December 2017.



Caroline Rankin
YMCA of Central Ohio

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