Lutheran World Relief Pickup on October 6

Lutheran World Relief Quilt and School Kit Pickup

On October 6, Faith Lutheran was the designated collection site for quilts and school kits destined for distribution in countries throughout the world. Faith Lutheran was the first stop on this huge trip.

Our truck was to be joined in Dayton by similarly packed trucks from all over the Southern Ohio Synod.  Eventually all of our quilts and goods will be loaded on a semi to be sent to Lutheran World Relief Headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland and then to countries all over the world.

In our truck, nineteen congregations of the Central Ohio Conference sent:  1,080 quilts, 890 school kits, 755 personal care kits, 24 fabric kits, 124 baby care kits, and 1, 191 bars of soap.  Included in these totals were 38 quilts and 33 school kits from Faith.  Thanks, also , to the members of Faith’s congregation who generously donated a total of $160 for the truck rental to get these quilts and kits to Dayton.

Thanks also to the faithful workers from Faith who made this day possible.   Helpers kept track of boxes, loaded them onto the truck, welcomed the members of many other congregations who entrusted their quilts and kits to us, and kept the event joyful with food, fellowship, and fun.  These hardworking people are:  Jane and Jerry Ahrens, their grandson Doug, George Pymer, Freda Evans, Charlene Coy, Phyllis Schaaf, Alberta Pottorf, Roger Southward, Glenn Southward, Jeff Cirelli, Mary Martin-Thomas and Karen Evans.  A special thanks to Judy Bline for chairing this event for many years.

Record keepers on LWR Pick Up Day!


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