Faith Lutheran Church Calendar of Events

Monday June 19
10:30am Diabetes Prevention Program (L)
Tuesday June 20
Wednesday  June 21
Prayer Fasting / Advocacy
8:30am Men’s Breakfast (FH)
10:00am Quilters (BR)
Thursday June 22
6:30pm Outreach  (BR)
Friday June 23
Saturday June 24
3:00pm Worship Prep (S)
5:00pm Worship (S)
Sunday June 25
9:00am Christian Education for all ages
10:15am Worship (S)
11:30am Pass out Fliers


Rose of Concern Pins

L to R, Row 1 – Jeff Cirelli, Carol Barber, award recipients.  Row 2 – Dean Chappelle and Dorrie Mayer, presenters.

Faith Lutheran has awarded the 2017 Rose of Concern Pins to Carol Barber and Jeff Cirelli.  The Rose of Concern Pins are given to Faith members who have shown exemplary service to the church.

Carol Barber, a long time member of Faith, is very active and involved with volunteer activities at Faith.  She is a member of the Outreach Board, secretary for this board and active in their activities, which includes participation in the July 4th parade, planning and participating in the Ice Cream Social, and Whitehall Night Out activities.  She has been the Outreach Board representative to the Parish Council and currently is the secretary of the Parish Council.  Carol is also on hand for the Collingwood clean-up project, as well as helping to serve lunches during school breaks to school children and their families at Whitehall United Methodist Church.  She has participated in the Veteran’s events at The Commons on Livingston Ave.  She is involved in BREAD and has been responsible for recruiting network members and attending meetings.  Carol is an assisting minister, a lector, and a member of the bell choir.  Thanks to Carol for her extensive service at Faith.

Equally as deserving is Jeff Cirelli.  Jeff can be seen around Faith most days of the weeks.  He is a right hand man for our custodian, George Pymer, and assists with preparations for activities at the church, everything from election day set up to moving tables for fellowship activities.   Jeff assists with Sunday School and presently helps students in the Computer Lab.  He also is active in the LOMO Day Camp, Taco Tuesday and many other student activities.   Jeff is reliable and dependable and always has a joke or two to bring a smile to your face. Thanks to Jeff for his dedication to Faith Lutheran.

2017 Gay Pride Parade, June 17

Members of ELCA congregations in central Ohio are invited to be part of the 2017 Gay Pride Parade, June 17.

For the fifth year, the Reconciling in Christ congregations in Central Ohio (First English, Gethsemane, Trinity, Lord of Life, Redeemer) will be gathering in an ELCA witness at the 2017 Gay Pride Parade in Columbus on Saturday, June 17, with the step-off in the Short North at 10:30 AM. We invite members of all area ELCA congregations to join us.  Last year we were over 100 marchers of all ages.  This year’s T-shirt color is green.  Marchers can wear the various colored shirts from previous years or purchase a new one.  The shirt front reads “Evangelical Lutheran Church in America” and the back, “There is a place for YOU HERE.”  Cost: $10.00 – $12.00, available in men’s sizes XS-3XL.  Place your T-shirt order in advance and register for the parade by contacting Jack Greene at Redeemer Lutheran.  Mail checks made out to Redeemer Lutheran Church, 1555 South James Rd, Columbus, OH 43227-3405.  Email any questions to Everyone who registers and/or orders a shirt by June 1st will be contacted prior to the march in regard to all logistics.  Join us.

Summer Day Camp 2017

Mark your calendars to make sure your children K – 6th grade will be able to attend Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Day Camp at Faith during the week of July 17 – 21, 9:00am – 4:00pm.   Each day has fun filled activities enriching children’s lives as they learn about the love of God.  The poster below provides important information about the week.  Lunch and snacks are provided.   Hope to see you and your children in July.


Hudson and Reagan Kuhn, son and daughter of Andrew and Rachel Kuhn,  were baptized at Easter services.   Faith Lutheran welcomes these two children into our fold of believers.  Welcome!

First Communion

Madison Oliva, Paige Oliva, and Aiden Lantto celebrated their First Communion on Easter morning.  Kevin and Angie Oliva are parents of Madison and Paige.  Aiden is the son of Beckie and Jim Lantto.

Thanks to the parents for their dedication in bringing their children to their First Communion instruction.  Welcome to the Lord’s Table.

Nehemiah Action on May 1 Was Attended by 2,500


God has called us out of darkness into marvelous light so that we can be lights to the world.  As members of the BREAD organization our congregation works with people of faith from across the city to do what GOD wants for all people.  BREAD works to bring about changes in laws, and in the way money is distributed, so that all people, not just some, are treated with dignity and given fair opportunities.

The following Faith members and friends, along with 2,500 other BREAD members,  attended the Nehemiah Action at the Celeste Center on May 1.  Thanks to each of these dedicated members for attending and representing Faith.

Gloria Andrews, Alice Appel, Carol Barber, Judy Bline, Karen and Mark Brown, Frieda Evans, Diane Gall, Sue Hertzog, Rich Kuhn, Susie Lowther,  Jodie Martin Oiler, Mary Martin Thomas, Richard Mason, Dorrie Mayer, Pastor Eric, Elaine, and Alec, Janice Ritchey, and Herb and Bev Scholes.

A special thanks to Marty Martin Thomas for driving the bus to the Celeste Center.

On May 1, the following initiatives were presented to the Nehemiah Action Assembly.  Local, county and state officials responded to the following initiatives in a positive and productive manner.  Thanks to all the officials who attended the assembly.

  1.  Few Suspensions! Effective Interventions!  The Juvenile Justice Committee recommends that BREAD continues to encourage the Restorative Justice circles to intervene with youth who have committed crimes and to reduce suspensions through  effective interventions in the Columbus City Schools.
  2. The violence must stop!  Through a Community Initiative to Reduce Violence, BREAD hopes to quickly and dramatically reduce gun violence and associated homicides.
  3. Hire and Better Pay! Don’t Throw Away!  BREAD encourages businesses to hire those returning from prison enabling these individuals to make a decent wage.
  4. “Welcome Columbus” One ID Columbus Campaign!  A municipal identification card is a photo identification card issued by a local government for its residents.  The card is helpful for proving identity and could connect residents to services, programs, and benefits.



Collaboration Discussion Among Local Lutheran Churches


On February 4, 2017, eight members of Faith Lutheran Church gathered with members of four other Lutheran congregations for a session on collaboration at Trinity Seminary. Along with Faith, there were representatives of Grace of God, Linden, Hope, and First English. These are the congregations that have been involved in discussing a possible collaboration. The session was led by Pr. Katie Kerrigan, assistant to the Bishop.

Morning hours were spent divided in groups with representatives from each congregation.

Groups were each assigned different Bible studies from Acts and had three questions to answer:

1) What did God do? 2) What did people of faith do? and 3) What key lessons do you think any church should learn/remember from this study?. Two groups had the same bible study and it was indeed interesting that their answers were not duplicated.

The afternoon session put us back together with our own congregation and we had four questions posed to us. Answers were to be quick, but thoughtful (faith based and spirit lead) and each member jotted down on post-it notes their ideas. Questions posed were 1)  What are your church’s physical assets? (Property, building, etc.), 2)  What are your people or skill assets? 3) What are your associate assets? (area businesses, groups, what companies are represented in the congregation, etc.), and finally 4) What are your economic assets? (where does your money come from, do you have items to sell to raise money, etc.). As our answers were notated, they were posted on the wall, keeping each congregation’s notes separate.

After all questions were answered, we were invited to view all the posts for our church. We were then assigned an exercise to identify a new project for our church using the various assets we

had listed as a group and make a poster advertising our church and our new project. Faith chose to put more emphasis on a current project,  “Time Out Tuesday” and used the catch phrase “Come see what is behind the cross” referring to our beautiful stained glass window. One congregation decided to bake communion bread and sell it to other congregations.

Finally, we were invited to revisit the wall of assets and choose at least one asset from another congregation that would help us be successful with our project.

We left with a paper to assist us with opening conversations with community leaders and individuals in our neighborhood to assist us in assessing their needs and to develop a positive relationship with the business/individual. Although this session did not address or discuss the nuts and bolts of how a collaboration among these five congregations might work, it was a worthwhile exercise to show us how we can collaborate with each other and use our strengths and shared assets to help each other. It was also presented an opportunity for more of us to get to know members of the other congregations and begin to develop a relationship with them. It was a positive day and taught us to look at what we have, not at what we don’t have.

“The future depends on what you do today” ~ Mahatma Gandhi